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What Is Plant-Based Meat?

It is an alternative food product to meat with their meat-like taste, smell, texture, appearance and nutritional value, whose raw materials are obtained from plant sources and no animal products are used in their production.

What Are Plant-Based Meat Products Made From?

They are made from plant-based proteins, carbohydrates, oils, minerals, flavors and colorants. The raw materials used; are plant-based products such as peas, beets, coconut oil, sunflower oil.

Are Plant-Based Meat Products Vegan?

Plant-based meat products are vegan. No animal ingredients are used in the content and production.

How Are Plant-Based Meat Products Different From Animal Meat Products?

In clinical trials and academic studies in areas such as cholesterol, atherosclerosis, heart diseases and weight control, plant-based meat products have been shown healthier than animal meat products.

Where Do You Produce Your Products?

We produce our products in our food production facility in Manisa, which approved by the T.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, in accordance with all hygiene conditions and quality standards. We report the production processes on a daily basis with our experienced team of dietitians and food engineers.

What Are The Nutritional Values In Your Products?

All of our products contain protein produced from vegetable sources, unsaturated fats, natural flavors, and colorants. Since there is no animal input in our products, it does not contain antibiotic components. You may access detailed nutritional values and content information on our product page.

What Kind Of Protein Do You Use In Your Products?

We use high quality pea protein in our products.

What Are The Allergens In Your Products?

Our products do not contain egg, soy, mustard, dairy products, sesame products, which are specified as allergens by the T.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. We recommend that our consumers with food allergies or sensitivities review the content details on our product page and on the product packaging.

Are Your Products Halal?

Newer Foods products are Halal and suitable for people following a religious diet. However, our products can also be served with many other ingredients. For this reason, we recommend you to check who served your food with what additional ingredient.

Are Your Products Suitable For Low Carb, Keto, Dukan, Atkins, Mediterranean, Low Sodium Diets?

Newer Foods products are suitable for people following Low Carb, Keto, Dukan, Atkins and Mediterranean diets. Newer Foods products are not suitable for people following a low sodium diet. Our products can also be served with many other ingredients. For this reason, we recommend you to check who served your food with what additional ingredient.

How Long and Where Should I Store The Product I Purchased?

For the best quality and freshness, we recommend that you store our frozen products in the freezer and consume them before the expiry date on the package. Thawed products should be stored under refrigerator conditions and should be consumed within 3 days.

How Can I Prepare Your Products?

Our products are ready for service at home easily and quickly. Our products are suitable for cooking in a pan or on the grill, with or without thawing. You can cook the pan on low heat by turning it frequently, without oil or (optionally) by adding a small amount of oil. You can consume it by combining it with your preferred sauce or spices. We would like to remind you that plant-based products are cooked in a much shorter time than meat products and are ready for consumption.

How Can I Reach You For My Questions, Comments And Suggestions?

You may contact us by filling out the contact form at the bottom of our website. If you wish, you may reach us at info@newergida.com