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This is the world of those who want to eat healthier without sacrificing taste, those who think that natural resources should be used more efficiently, and those who are open to innovations.

Renew Yourself

About You, Environment and Us

Everything We Do Is About Health, Sustainability And Climate Change


NewerFoods is a excellent source of protein, iron and vitamin B12. There’s no cholesterol, no antibiotics, no hormones, and no GMO.


NewerFoods uses less water, land and energy than normal meat production. It offers a sustainable alternative for healthier generations and a more livable world.

Climate Change

One of the main causes of global warming is greenhouse gas emissions. Plant-based meat emits 30%–90% less greenhouse gas than conventional meat.


It is an alternative food product to meat with their meat-like taste, smell, texture, appearance and nutritional value, whose raw materials are obtained from plant sources and no animal products are used in their production.

They are made from plant-based proteins, carbohydrates, oils, minerals, flavors and colorants. The raw materials used; are plant-based products such as peas, beets, coconut oil, sunflower oil.

Plant-based meat products are vegan. No animal ingredients are used in the content and production.


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